December 28, 2014

Why You Should Consider Choosing Us

Senior Couple

Why Should You Consider The Canada Retirement Information Centre?

  • Clients benefit from our exclusive “Power of Three”:┬áthe BEST ADVICE, a clear explanation of INVESTMENT TOOLS, and ongoing EXCELLENT SERVICE.
  • We specialize in retirement income, tax and estate planning
  • Our business primarily serves people who are retired, or about to be retired
  • We treat your hard-earned money and life savings as if they were our own
  • You will get honest, easy-to-understand, reliable advice and service from the top retirement income specialists
  • We offer a FREE income tax preparation service for our clients
  • The government complicates retirement issues and we simplify them
  • Our income specialists will provide solutions that will succeed even during the most challenging times
  • Since 1980 our professionals have helped thousands of Canadians achieve a worry-free retirement
  • Meeting your dreams, goals and objectives is always our #1 priority


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