January 8, 2015


Client Testimonials

“Your suggestions and encouragement have changed our lives forever for the better.”

Marie and David Hunt
Manotick, Ontario



“They’re extremely helpful.(Re: Seminars) They’re very knowledgeable with the topics that are presented. They’re not only professional, they’re cordial and very congenial. We found them very easy to talk with. We find that they are available when we request time with them, and when we want different items explained and clarified, they are most helpful. Very congenial and most helpful.We wanted low profile investments. They followed that to the letter.

We have confidence in Nat’s advice and his leadership.

It’s just been positive all the way with them. We recommend them. We have several people we’ve recommended without hesitation.”

Don and Joan Cooper
Stittsville, Ontario



“Thank you for providing ‘second to none’ service.”

Joanne Moss
Winchester, Ontario



“After our first seminar was when we decided we should move to them.The seminar was so good. After they spoke my husband and I went to our banks, took our investments, and decided we’d let Canada Retirement take care of it all. They signed the papers and everything. They treat you so humanely. You’re not just a number, and not just a client. That’s how they treat you.

They treat you like they’ve known you for years and that you’re a friend.They make you feel special, like you’re they’re one and only client. The secretary knows my voice!
Everybody I know, I tell them: just go to Canada Retirement!”

Mrs. Reta Rogers



“Louis has been just such a wonderful support, both to my husband and myself. They’ve been wonderful. We’ve felt much more secure in our financial dealings. We went to the seminar, we were impressed, and I think now my son is also coming over to Canada Retirement with all his savings. I recommend them pretty highly. Particularly, I’d like to give kudos to Louis Sousa and Pat Howe.”

Mrs. Sandra Kent



“They’ve been just terrific. I consider it very, very helpful. I’m at that stage when my estate and funding is very important. I really appreciate what the Centre has done for us. We’ve attended most of the seminars. We missed a couple, but most of them we attended and very much enjoyed.The seminar information was very, very good. A wide range of information and it was very useful.  Very useful and beneficial. I would like to rate the experience as being outstanding and very useful to my wife and I in our retirement years. All the information we get is very, very useful and helpful.”

Robert and Joan Armstrong



“The service has been very good. Excellent. I found the seminars good. That’s what we went with them. They were very informative. They said they could save me money and they did. With the taxes I found there were things that I just wasn’t getting. They went after it for me and they got it.To me it was an excellent experience.They’re always friendly. If you call them they’re there, or if not, they call you back right away.I don’t know what else I can say. They’ve been great.”

Tony and Rikie Streng

“The attentiveness of our group to your address and the number of questions at the conclusion, confirmed that your comments and advice was timely and appreciated.”

The War Amputations of Canada-Ottawa Branch



“I want to express my gratitude for processing my income tax… It is reasurring to be supported and helped by competent people like you.”

Brian Lynch
Nepean, Ontario



“They’re very approachable. Really articulate in explaining things. Really good understanding of where we as clients are. They adapt to our needs. It’s like a family atmosphere. There’s a real sense of trust. A real sense of honesty. You know, if things are going a little rough, they’re up front about it. The level of risk assessment that was done was really appropriate. Our expectations are met. There’s no big surprises.

In the situation right now, with the economic downturn, we’re in a really good place. The seminars were really helpful. It seems as though the team they put together has a variety of expertise.The services that they provide at tax time is outstanding. I like to do my own, and they don’t hesitate to give advice. You don’t have to send your stuff there. They have in-depth knowledge of estate planning.

We’re both extremely, extremely pleased. And happy to be working with Franco. He’s been absolutely terrific. Understanding, patient. He’s our consultant, but he’s become a really good friend.

In terms of money – it doesn’t matter how much you have. They understand that it’s important to you.

They’re awesome. Right from the front desk right through to every single person there; they’re just a great team. We always try to tell friends how good they are.”

Brian and Patricia MacDonald



“The service has been excellent. I deal with Franco mostly. Franco, he does follow up. He does offer to drop by right at your place, like a house service. Which is something you don’t see very much today. As soon as you walk into the office, everyone is so great. From Fred right down to everyone; it’s very comfortable and they offer you a cup of coffee as soon as you walk in.Every time there’s down turns in the market they not only put in a call to talk to you, they let you know what’s happening in the market and what they’re doing. They review your personal file, and they deal in specifics. They offer advice so you know what’s happening and what you can do. They are very, very helpful.

I’m just going through applying for my CPP. They had all the right forms for me. And I had the option to do it online. They made everything convenient and easy. They’re particularly helpful every year at income tax time.They’re very accommodating. When I was retiring, Franco spent a lot of time talking to me. What are things we should be considering? Where we should be moving out money to protect ourselves from taxes and such? He doesn’t hesitate to call.There are no high-pressure tactics.He’s there to make sure you understand all of the information, but the choice and decisions are always up to you. I go to one if not two seminars a year.

There’s always something that, even though you attend most of them, there’s always some new tidbit they’re making available. Or something they’re clarifying; some new piece of legislation. They put it in plain English, and in terms of the impacts for each of us.They take everything into consideration.”

Raymond and Wilma Martinuk



“They’re very informed. Very knowledgeable and informed.I look at my records quarterly and I can see the improvements.The seminars were informative. Sometimes you can’t see the trees through the forest – it’s amazing when they bring something you that you couldn’t see.

Our broker, Nat Busa, he’s an awesome guy. Awesome individual. Very caring. Very personable. We feel that our money is in good hands.”

Guy Mathieu

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