What About your Digital Estate?

The primary purpose of estate planning is to make sure all your affairs are dealt with in a timely, cost effective manner. Our world has become more and more electronic based over the past few decades, and will only become more so. Many of our “things” are actually digitally based today. Consider the following in Read more about What About your Digital Estate?[…]

Financial Fraud Prevention Tips

Financial fraud is still the most prevalent crime today. The Internet is also making it easier for fraudsters to do their deeds from just about anywhere in the world. According to scambusters.org, money wiring and re-loadable cards are the most difficult to trace and make certain frauds that much easier: Advance Payment – The victim Read more about Financial Fraud Prevention Tips[…]

Beware of the Summer Burglar Season

We live in a materialistic world. The more nice “stuff” people accumulate, the bigger the target for burglars and thieves to try to take it away for quick cash. With the summer vacation season upon us and warmer weather tempting us outdoors, we may be unwittingly making ourselves easier targets. Here are a few things Read more about Beware of the Summer Burglar Season[…]